The russian plane took off, followed

July 10th, 2010|David Hughes

S. jet in an echo of Soviet-era spy trades across the Iron Curtain in Central Europe. Officials in Vienna, once a center of Cold War intrigue, maintained a news blackout.
The U.S. Justice Department said shortly after the takeoff that the exchange of 10 agents released by Washington and four freed by Moscow had been successfully [...]

Scores past and present lawmakers filed past coffin

July 2nd, 2010|Josh Hudson

Byrds death forced politicians and Wall Street bankers to recalculate whether President Barack Obama had enough votes without him to pass a landmark financial regulation bill.
The Democrats now appear to be at least two short of the 60 votes needed to ensure Senate passage, but they are expected to eventually secure the needed backing.
In the [...]

In an extraordinary turn of events

June 24th, 2010|Austin Rouls

Obama had summoned McChrystal from Afghanistan to answer for remarks he and his aides made in an explosive Rolling Stone magazine article that disparaged the president and other civilian leaders.
The conduct represented in the recently published article does not meet the standard that should be set by a commanding general, Obama said bluntly in the [...]

The decision is fraught with risk for obama

June 23rd, 2010|Josh Hudson

McChrystal, the U.S. and NATO commander in Afghanistan and architect of Obamas war strategy, was summoned back to Washington to explain his enormous mistake to the president, the White House said.
Obamas spokesman said all options were on the table but the president stressed he wanted to speak to McChrystal first.
I think it is clear that [...]

So president barack obama named him director national

June 23rd, 2010|Editor

Eighteen months later, the question persists.
But on the eve of a key G20 meeting, Summers appears comfortable with his role in tackling the worlds Hydra-like economic problems.
Sitting in a wingback chair in his office overlooking the White House Rose Garden, the 55-year-old former Treasury Secretary said he has worked to soften some of his [...]

Summoned from afghanistan to meet with obama,

June 23rd, 2010|Josh Hudson

Stanley McChrystal will be asked to explain remarks he and his aides made in a Rolling Stone magazine article that disparaged the president and mocked other senior civilian leaders.
The situation poses a tough dilemma for Obama, who faces the choice of either being seen as tolerating insubordination from the military or shaking up the [...]

It was second time little more two months obama canceled

June 4th, 2010|Sasha James

He previously was due to have gone in March but postponed to stay at home to give a final push to his healthcare overhaul plan in Congress.
White House spokesman Robert Gibbs told Reuters in an email that Obama postponed the trip again in order to deal with the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and [...]

Obama journeyed san francisco raise campaign cash

May 26th, 2010|Austin Rouls

I dont travel for just anybody, Obama said at the first of three fundraising events on his second trip to California for Boxer, a sign of the importance he puts on getting her re-elected in what is normally a safe state for Democratic candidates.
The events were expected to raise 600,000 specifically for Boxer and 1.1 [...]

Obama endorsement falls short again, raising doubts about his impact in november

May 19th, 2010|Austin Rouls

Sen. Arlen Specter became the fourth Democrat in seven months to lose a high-profile race despite the presidents active involvement, raising doubts about Obamas ability to help fellow Democrats in this Novembers elections.
The first three candidates fell to Republicans. But Specters loss Tuesday to Rep. Joe Sestak in Pennsylvanias Democratic senatorial primary cast [...]

Obama pledges permit review, end to cozy oil links

May 15th, 2010|Sasha James

Engineers worked desperately to stop the leak thats belching out at least 210,000 gallons of crude a day.
As Louisiana wildlife officials reported huge tar balls littering a beach, BP PLC technicians labored to accomplish an engineering feat a mile below the water surface. They were gingerly moving joysticks to guide deep-sea robots and [...]